The Abeo Personal Style (DISC) and Hidden Motivators Profiles are foundational tools for coaches of all types (Executive, Sales, Career, Life) to better understand their clients, improve communication and ultimately, maximize influence.

The profiles can also be used as a marketing tool whereby coaches provide prospective clients with a complimentary Personal Style (DISC) and Hidden Motivators Profile.

Viewing a prospective client’s profile yields better understanding of the prospect so that a coach can…

  • Build “good will” with prospective clients by providing value before engaging
  • Determine if prospective clients are a “good fit” for their style of coaching
  • Adapt their approach to “reach” the prospective client
  • Acquire referrals when clients share their Personal Style Profile with friends and colleagues
  • Generate brand awareness through custom blog posts
  • Save time through by delivering customized eLearning content

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