Abeo is a learning and professional development initiative focused on fostering behavioral style and values awareness and understanding within the educational community. The results are improved communication, motivation and, ultimately, teacher, student and parent engagement.

There is a serious problem with a lack of engagement in the educational community. According to Denise Meister, Associate Professor at Penn State University, there is a huge disconnect between administrators and teachers, and teachers and students.

Administrators lack effective communication tools to engage teachers and as a result teachers are disconnected. Many teachers are not aligned and committed to the goals of their school. There is a significant need for change and teacher personal development in a social context.

Students are also disengaged; only 57% of students polled in the High School Survey of Student Engagement 2009, believe that they are an important part of their high school community. According to the Gallup Student Poll (2011) 46 percent of students in secondary schools are disengaged.
Furthermore, (2006) determined that 35 percent of “student dropouts” dropped out because they could not get along with their teacher. Engagement falls as students advance into higher grades.

All of this signifies the tremendous need for new ways to collaborate in a positive environment where each individual gains ownership in the community.

Abeo seeks to strengthen and sustain awareness through knowledge and training, improving the relationship between students, teachers, administrator and parent. Using the Abeo model teachers and students take a scientifically validated Abeo Social Style (DISC) and Hidden Motivators (Values) as part of a fun and easy to use game based system.

Through online and onsite training and development administrators and teachers learn how to adapt their communication and approach to account for individual personal styles as a daily strategic component of teacher and student management.

Through self-character generation students and teachers  become aware of and generate understanding of their unique behavioral styles and motivators.  Interactive role playing helps participants learn to take action to account for the natural differences between themselves and others.

The Abeo model is a foundation for enhanced communication between students, parents, teachers and administrators. The success of the abeo network will be measurable improvements in student engagement which can lead to a lower drop out rate.

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