Hidden Motivators

What are Hidden Motivators?

Hidden Motivators are simply what is important to a person. In other words, what they value. Hidden Motivators are the “why” or underlying reason behind a person’s behavior. Sometimes people are not fully aware of what motivates them.

The Abeo Hidden Motivators Profile, through a quick survey, helps people develop awareness and understanding of their intrinsic motivators. The profile measures seven aspects of motivation:

  1. Aesthetic  – A drive for balance, harmony and form.
  2. Altruistic  – A drive for humanitarian efforts or to help others altruistically.
  3. Economic  – A drive for economic or practical returns.
  4. Individualistic  – A drive to stand out as independent and unique.
  5. Political  – A drive to be in control or have influence.
  6. Regulatory – A drive to establish order, routine and structure.
  7. Theoretical  – A drive for knowledge, learning and understanding.


How does the Hidden Motivators Profile create value?

There are many applications for the data contained in the Hidden Motivators Profile, including:

  1. Growth –
    Increased self-awareness supports personal growth and professional development. The profile is perfect for leaders who want to improve their people skills and increase their team building effectiveness.
  2. Coaching –
    First, the profile assists the coach in better understand the client, quickly. Better understanding from the profile helps accelerate change by providing actionable information quickly. The profile data opens the discussion between the coach and client. What drives the client? Are there drivers that are in conflict? Does the client recognize their drives or potential conflict?
    Secondly, the profile can be the ‘most powerful take away’ from the engagement for the client in terms of generating better self insight and awareness. 
  3. Career Development  –
    The profile data can help career seekers understand what drives them and then seek out opportunities that align with these drivers. The results are reduced stress, improved career satisfaction and performance.
  4. Hiring  –
    Just as a career seeker wants to work in an environment that rewards their values organizations seek to hire people that align with theirs. By knowing and understanding a job candidates motivators hiring managers can use the profile data to begin determining if the candidate is a good fit for their organization and the role they will hold.
  5. Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Communication
    Internally the profile helps people understand themselves (self-awareness), something that is not always readily apparent. Externally the profile helps two or more people understand each other, what makes them tick, leading to improved communication and relationship management.

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