Recruiting and Staffing


Abeo is a unique solution for staffing and recruiting firms facing intense competition for talent.

Differentiate your firm by providing job candidates with a complimentary Abeo Career Insights Profile prior to placement.

Leveraging the Abeo Social Style and Hidden Motivators personality profiles you can quickly and accurately predict the workplace behavior and motivation of job candidates. The Abeo model is a results driven, easy to use, people process validated by millions of participants.

Creating Value

  • Develops candidate trust, their recruiter is perceived as a career resource and advisor.
  • Saves recruiter’s time by providing instant insight into candidates workplace natural behavioral style and motivators.
  • Maximizes recruiters’ influence with candidates by showing them how to adapt their approach to get better results.
  • Improves candidate job selection satisfaction and retention.
  • Reduces turnover and lost fees by filtering out misaligned job candidates for client jobs.
  • Increases client hiring manager satisfaction by providing only good fit candidates for the company culture and job competencies.
  • Realizes a high Return on Investment (ROI) from just a single additional or retained placement

How it works

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1 – Job candidates take a quick online survey.

2 – Recruiters review candidate profiles and adjust their approach based on the candidate’s unique behavioral and motivational styles.

3 – Recruiters invest time only on well aligned candidates that meet client job objectives.

Don’t lose out. Get started now by taking a test drive.