Role Success Profile

Getting the right fit person for a particular job involves much more than skills and experience. Creating a Role Success Profile  is the process of defining the ideal set of personal characteristics required for success in a particular role.

The main benefits of a Role Success Profile are time saved by eliminating candidates that lack the natural competencies and motivators for the role and identifying the absolute best fit candidate.

How it Works

First, the natural strengths and motivations are determined (online and interview) that are required to most efficiently accomplish a particular role’s mission and objectives.

Next, candidates are assessed (online and interview) and then measured against the Role Benchmark to determine how well they match.


The Role Success Profile process consist of determining three key components;

  1. Mission – What the role does for who and high level objectives
  2. Key Accountabilities – Exactly what the role is expected to deliver
  3. Competencies – The soft skills required to most efficiently achieve the role’s accountabilities

The Abeo Role Success Profile is an online interactive application that quickly establishes theses components from the stakeholders involved with the hire.

Here is an example Role Success Profile:

Role Success Profile for: VP of Sales


To double our revenue over three years by signing large profitable contracts with industrial customers. And to setup on hunting team to land new accounts and one farming team to grow existing accounts.


  • Establish gross sales of $xxx per month after 90 days.
  • Grow revenue from $0 to $xx million per year by the end of year three.
  • Establish COS xx% within 120 days.
  • Establish COL xx% within 120 days.
  • Average COMPS less than x.x% after 90 days.
  • Grow gross revenues at least x% year over year after 18 months.


  • Highly optimistic with a sense of humor
  • Able to tackle many tough problems at the same time
  • Focus on people and trusted relationships
  • Forward looking aggressive and competitive
  • Organizational skills, effective use of time
  • Initiates activity and sets pace to achieve results

Motivations and Reward:

  • Rewards those who value economic gain and achieving practical return, a bottom-line results focus.
  • Rewards those who are leaders, exerting influence and control over their environment, competitive.
  • Rewards those who seek to gain understanding and knowledge or discover the “truth”. Rational thinking, reasoning and problem solving.